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Boardgames for the whole family. What games can you choose for fun as a couple or with children


Monopoly may be the first game that comes to mind when you think of the idea of ​​board games for family and friends, but their diversity has grown a lot in the last few years. Although I’ve written about such games before, this time I’ve put together the best family games. All the options listed are suitable for children, but are fun enough for adults.

Love Letter (Romanian Edition)

Love Letter is a game of risk, deduction and luck for 2-4 players. The goal of the players is to hand the personal love letter to Princess Annette, while the competitors must be entertained. From a deck of only 16 cards, each player starts with one card in his hand and one is removed from the game. In each turn, players draw a card and play a card, trying to expel the others to get them out of the game. Some strong cards offer early payouts, but they can turn that player into a target. However, if those powerful books are not used, there is a good chance that the love letter will be turned to ashes …

Merchants & Marauders

Merchants & Marauders has a unique trading system and a battle system full of the flavor of the weather. Actions allow you to make critical decisions and lead to intense play. Modify his ship, buy impressive ships, load the ship with precious and dangerous goods and hire the best crew. Will your captain find eternal glory and immense riches, or will he end up on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea?

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Dungeon Lords

In Dungeon Lords, you’re an evil master trying to build the strongest dungeon by hiring monsters, buying traps, digging tunnels, and so on. “In the end, you’ll look at the dark corners with different eyes.

Five Tribes

In this game inspired by the stories of the 1001 nights, players must place their pawns efficiently and maneuver them through villages, bazaars, oases and sacred places, in order to move the pieces of the five tribes: assassins, elders, builders, merchants and viziers, to ensure their victory.


Catch as many fish as you can before they escape. Your penguins will run away on the shells that disappear like fish, trying to collect the tastiest fish, but also to block their opponents. But keep your eyes peeled! If one of the penguins gets stuck on an ice floe, he was told.

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In this alert game for the whole family, two to four players will guide the hungry penguins in search of the most hearty lunch. Although it seems simple, your plans will be thwarted by other cunning penguins and a shrinking game board. What strategy will you develop to overcome obstacles and adversaries?


Keyflower is a 4-6 player game that lasts 4 rounds. Each round is represented by a season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each player starts the game with a village board and a team of 6 workers (colored yellow, red or blue). Workers of the same color can be used to bid for new plates that can be added to the original village, or they can be used to raise resources, for crafts or other workers, not only from the village of that player, but also from that of opponents or on the auction plates.

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