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BMW began pre-sale of the seventh-generation BMW 7 Series on Wednesday, which includes an all-electric model


All three versions will be assembled on the same production line at the BMW plant in Dingolfing, with the first worldwide deliveries to take place in November 2022.

The price of the i7 electric vehicle, a competitor to the Mercedes EQS electric vehicle, will start at 119,300 dollars in the United States and 135,900 euros in Europe.

CEO Oliver Zipse predicted that demand for the ICE model would be higher in the United States, where there is less stringent regulation of carbon emissions than in Europe or the United Kingdom.

“The markets in China, Europe and America have developed quite differently. In Europe you have a growing market for electric vehicles (EVs) for all brands. In the US you have only one brand that is very successful. It’s completely different, “Zipse said at a roundtable in New York.

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“The approach we take to putting flexibility first works much better.”

Three-quarters of electric vehicles sold in the US in 2021 were Tesla cars, compared to just 16.4% in Europe, with Volkswagen just about 1,200 cars behind, according to research firm Cox. Automotive and JATO Dynamics.

Zipse, who has long argued against a total ban on combustion-engined vehicles, said companies need to be careful not to become overly dependent on countries that control essential resources for electric vehicles.

Rising prices for raw materials for batteries have made it even more important to continue investing in cars with combustion engines, sales director Pieter Nota added at a roundtable in Munich.

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All cars in this series will be equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities, but the carmaker is waiting for permission from regulators to activate the function – it will probably take about 1-1 / 2 years in Europe, said a spokesman .

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