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BMW and Audi no longer transport cars by rail to China


While both car manufacturers produce most of their vehicles in China, the world’s largest car market, a certain share is imported from Europe by rail or ship.

Last year, BMW delivered 846,237 BMW and MINI vehicles to Chinese customers, while in the case of Audi, the volume was 701,289.

“BMW stopped all rail transport through Russia immediately after the start of the war. Exports to China are usually handled by ships, “said a BMW spokesman, confirming a previous article in Nikkei.

Audi has also proactively suspended rail transport to and from China via Russia with the Trans-Siberian Railway immediately after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a spokesman for Volkswagen’s parent company said.

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“We are currently examining whether rail transport on the southern route will be possible in the near future,” the spokesman added.

In March, Audi said it was adjusting its production operations to its factory in Hungary, which accounts for part of the country’s exports due to the war in Ukraine.

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