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Bloomberg: Gas price increase is being investigated. The EU has conducted checks at Gazprom branches in Germany


European Union officials searched Germany’s Gazprom subsidiaries as part of a clarification on the corporation’s role in a record rise in gas prices in Europe. This was reported by Bloomberg on Wednesday, citing sources.

According to them, the checks were carried out at Gazprom Germany and Wingas offices. These two companies, according to Bloomberg, account for about 20% of gas supplies across the country.

The agency notes that representatives of the European Commission and both companies declined to comment.

Gazprom Export (the sole shareholder of Gazprom Germany) also declined to comment on these verifications.

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The European Commission launched an investigation in October last year to determine whether EU competition rules are being complied with in the gas market and whether cartels or strategies to limit supply have been used to raise prices.

The EU’s free gas market has been created thanks to the European Commission’s targeted policy of “demonopolizing gas trade”, which has been in place since 2009. The European Commission has been confident that free gas trade in the EU will lead to a sharp decline in gas prices. gas prices.

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