Home News Bank accounts of Google’s Russian subsidiary have been confiscated

Bank accounts of Google’s Russian subsidiary have been confiscated


The move comes after months of failed pressure from Russian authorities to demand the removal of content deemed illegal by Moscow, and the restriction of Russian media on YouTube.

“The seizure of Google Russia’s bank accounts by the authorities makes it impossible for the branch to operate, including hiring and paying staff, paying suppliers and other payments,” a spokesman was quoted as saying by Reuters, according to The Guardian.

Google Russia has issued a statement announcing its intention to file for bankruptcy.

Google shut down advertising in Russia in March following requests from Russian officials to stop running ads about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Since the end of February, many companies have reduced their operations in Russia. Apple, for example, stopped selling its products there and stopped online transactions; Intel has suspended business operations in the country; Microsoft has suspended sales of products and services there; and Nokia is out of the Russian market.

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