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Austrian Chancellor threatens to take over Salzburg gas depot from Gazprom


In an interview with the Kronen Zeitung online newspaper on Thursday, Nehammer spoke about the viability of his government, explaining the importance of ensuring security of energy supply using the example of creating a strategic gas reserve in the republic. “The gas fields are filling up. We will monitor the situation closely, and if the Russian Gazprom does not fill our largest deposit, we will take it from them and transfer it to other suppliers,” he said. The publication clarified that we are talking about the Haidach warehouse in the federal state of Salzburg, which currently remains de facto empty.

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Nehammer also said in an interview with Kleine Zeitung on Thursday that Austria plans to buy gas from various suppliers and is setting up a strategic national gas reserve for the first time. “We need to take precautions to make sure all the companies fill the warehouses. We are also looking closely at the huge Gazprom warehouse in Haidach. If it is not filled, we will consider filling measures,” Nehammer said.

He said Austria did not intend to nationalize the gas depot. “It means ‘use it or lose it.’ If you use it, then it’s okay, if you don’t use it, other companies will take it over. Haidach is strategically important not only for Germany but also for the western regions of Austria, “he said.

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Responding to a question about how long Austria is giving Gazprom, Nehammer said a legal framework has now been set up. Gazprom is already feeling the pressure. We act decisively. If it is not filled, then other energy companies should use it, “said Nehammer.

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