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Are you comfortable air-conditioned or sweating hot this summer?


You know all too well from previous years how suffocating the days can be, as well as the nights when temperatures exceed 30 degrees in the shade. It is uncomfortable and can have negative effects on both your health and your productivity at home or at work.

The comfort of a perfect temperature can be a great advantage for your family as well as for the company. Air conditioning will be able to adjust the room temperature so as not to suffer from excessive summer heat. A plus is that you can use it in both summer and winter to quickly heat your home by setting up the appliance. It can be used at any time and you can enjoy the ambient temperature to your liking.

Important air conditioning functions

There are many models of air conditioning on the market, some smarter than others. Depending on your location and your needs, you are sure to find the right device for your day-to-day needs.

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when purchasing air conditioning:

ventilation – allows the recirculation of air in the room, without the addition of temperature and can filter dust particles from the atmosphere;

dehumidification – it is an important function especially since most homes are thermally insulated; this function can control the humidity in the air, the ventilation of the rooms can be done much less often, in order to make the consumption more efficient, as well as the room temperature;

Heating – can heat up quickly in winter, with an easy-to-set thermostat for temperature control;

cooling – pleasant ambiance in hot summers and regulation of the optimal room temperature;

power – it is chosen according to the size of the house or space in which it will be used;

WiFi – an easier control to set it up when you’re not at home (you can turn it on 30 minutes before you get home so that the ambient temperature is exactly according to the settings created) or you don’t have the remote control at hand;

fixed or mobile – depending on your needs, you can choose a fixed one that will be able to ensure the comfort of a room or mobile so that you can easily move it wherever you want.

How powerful should the device be depending on the room I have?

The power of the air conditioner depends on the size of the room or space you want to heat or cool. It is important when you want to buy an air conditioner to measure the room so that it can fit the size of the room where it will be installed.

Below is a table from which you can be inspired to choose the perfect air conditioning for your space.

Power air conditioning BTU Commercial area Living area

Of course, this power can be wrong because of the location where you place it (example: kitchen, where the stove and oven can affect the power of the appliance), and the insulation that your home or office has.

Fixed, ceiling or portable?

There are many ways to install air conditioners on the market. Their most common installations are usually fixed with an external fan. Another good device to consider is the mobile one, being easy to move from room to room, as well as to be transported to another location if needed. It is small, light and has a drain hose.

Ceiling-mounted air conditioners are usually used in companies or very large spaces. They are strong, which is why they are preferred to be used in the commercial sector rather than in your own home.

Once you have an idea of ​​what functions an air conditioner can have, we can talk about some models to see the differences in functions as well as power, to make sure that the chosen one covers the room where you want to use it:

1. Gree Pulsar GWH09AGA-K6DNA1A air conditioner

This device has a power of 9000 BTU, being perfect for rooms up to 23 sqm in the case of homes and up to 22 sqm in the case of offices or commercial spaces. It is one of the smallest fixed devices on the market and has a high performance due to its functions.

Built-in Wi-Fi can give you the ability to remotely control when you’re not at home, to bring the ambient temperature to the desired temperature when you get home or to the office. This is a major advantage because of the savings you make when you are not around or may have forgotten to turn it off.

It has the function of cooling, heating and dehumidifying the house so as not to facilitate the development of mold when the room cannot be properly ventilated.

The anti-dust, anti-bacterial filter will increase the air quality, as well as the dust deposits on the surfaces in your house will be lower.

The most important features of this device are:

auto restart;

auto clean – Auto filter cleaning is now much easier with this smart feature. It is done in a maximum of 30 minutes; so you can enjoy clean, healthy air again;

fan – can recirculate the air in the room without changing the ambient temperature, but also allows cleaning the air in the room;

turbo mode;


smart defrost – in cold winters, it has a function of self-defrosting, so that it can be used quickly when space heating is needed;

Timers – you can schedule how long to walk or when to start;

sleep mode – this function will be activated when the temperature has reached the setting you have programmed, waiting for the heating or cooling cycle to resume when the ambient temperature changes.

It comes with an installation kit, which can be a big plus for your budget.

2. Samsung Luzon AR12TXHZAWKNEU air conditioner

The Samsung device has a cooling power of up to 12000 BTU, and can cover an area of ​​30 square meters. It can cool or heat the house depending on the season, and with the help of wi-fi control you can control it from anywhere, at any time, so that when you get home you have the temperature you want. This feature is available through the SmartThings app and works on both Android and iOS.

You can also control it vocally when you do not have the remote control or the phone at hand, through the artificial intelligence function of the system which is available in English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian and Spanish. AI can help you by suggesting the best settings to create the best possible environment.

Auto clean is a function that permanently ensures a clean and dry filter when the air conditioner is not in use, preventing the appearance of various bacteria or dust mites.

Samsung has added a feature that is very important, especially in these times of rising electricity prices. Eco mode can help you save more, but also enjoy the coolness you want. With this setting, it uses much less compressor capacity than traditional mode.

Wind free Good Sleep – can adjust the temperature for the most restful sleep of your life and you will not feel drafts that can disturb you during sleep.

The outdoor unit weighs 22.5 kg and has a size of 660 x 475 x 242 mm and the indoor unit weighs 9.1 kg and has a size of 820 x 299 x 215 mm.

3. Gree Fairy LCLH GWH12ACC-K6DNA1F air conditioner

The air conditioning from Gree Fairy LCLH was launched this year, and thanks to the innovative technology it has in its facilities, your comfort in your home or office will change completely.

The cooling power it can reproduce is 12000 BTU, and the heating power is 13000 BTU.

It has a low power consumption with class A ++, and the installation kit is included in the package.

The wi-fi function is very helpful, whether you are at home or not, being able to set the temperatures, as well as turn it off in case you leave home in a hurry.

It also has a dehumidifier, auto restart, turbo button, timer, etc.

This device is special thanks to the built-in cold plasma generator. This feature ensures superior air quality through ion filters, completely eliminating all bacteria, viruses, etc.

The filter is self-cleaning when the appliance is not in use, removing all dust particles and drying them to prevent bacteria from growing.

The weight of the outdoor unit is 24.5 kg and the size is 732 x 555 x 330 mm. The indoor unit weighs only 11 kg and uses R32 coolant.

Comes in black with a modern and attractive design.

4. Mobile air conditioner TAURUS Alpatec AC 260 KT

The Taurus mobile device is ideal for your home, and can be moved to any room when you need it. It weighs only 30 kg and has an indoor unit size of only 52-55.

The power it emits is 9000 BTU, being perfect for a room of about 20 sqm.

And it has many functions to create a healthy environment for your family.

With the dehumidifier you can easily control the humidity in the house, as no other appliance is needed.

You can set the desired temperature as well as the program to operate at certain intervals you want. It also has a ventilation function as in the case of a regular fan, only it filters the recirculated air. The dust in the room will be significantly reduced with the help of this device, thanks to the filters it has.

5. Platinium Pint-9DS air conditioner

This system consists of two indoor appliances, operating with a single outdoor fan. It is much more economical than the individual ones, plus you will be able to operate them in two different rooms thanks to the double split function. One of these consoles has a power of 12000 BTU, being perfect for surfaces up to 32 sqm and the other 9000 BTU for an area of ​​23 sqm.

It has energy class for cooling A ++, and for heating A +.

With the help of the silver ion mold filter, you will be able to control the air quality, but also the dust in the rooms will be reduced.

The Wi-Fi control function will allow better control over the devices to adjust the temperature more easily and remotely.

The outdoor unit is equipped with a double split to easily connect the two devices and has a weight of 34 kg and a size of 835 x 605 x 360 mm.

The indoor units come in white, weigh 8 kg and have a size of 777 x 250 x 201 mm.

The double system has the major advantage of being able to cool or heat a living room and a bedroom at the same time. It is perfect for a 2-room apartment; thus almost the entire house will be controlled in terms of temperature.

An air conditioner can be used all year round and can help keep your home or office clean, thanks to the filters, as well as a much better quality air. Summer is knocking at the door, and the heat is already beginning to be felt. That’s why now is the time to buy the air conditioning you definitely need.

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