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Arbiton Woodric – truly unique boards


These differences make us special, diversity providing strength. Can flooring be as unique as our lives? Yes! Everyone’s lifestyle is unique, as unique as Arbiton Woodric’s newest vinyl tile collection. A collection with 24 shades of oak, which will delight you with their uniqueness. With Arbiton Woodrick tiles you can create the interior of the house, which will be truly unique. Calm and delicate, or maybe bold and creative? Each choice will be connected by a common denominator – waterproof and very durable vinyl tiles. Discover the latest collection, which sets the trends in floor design.

The new Arbiton Woodric click vinyl floor is the one that will satisfy the expectations of those who want the floor to be not only beautiful and unique, but also useful. Floor tiles that adapt to the character and lifestyle of the members of each home. A floor that can easily withstand small family members, pets, spills or hours of dancing. Let yourself be carried away by choosing for your interior the trendiest vinyl click tiles of the season. Arbiton Woodric means 24 shades of oak that make up two collections – the basic collection and the one with “Real Wood” structure. This is a synchronized structure, allowing to obtain an impeccable optical effect. The surface is structured in depth, creating a three-dimensional effect, reminiscent of natural wood.

Regardless of the decor you choose, Arbiton Woodric, thanks to its mineral content (HD Mineral Core) will offer extraordinary comfort in use, being a floor you won’t have to worry about. Choose the vinyl tiles that will complement your personality.

Arbiton Woodric – tile desgin will not repeat

One of the biggest advantages of a wooden floor is its uniqueness. With vinyl and laminate, the situation is often different. Usually there are only a few different tiles in one color in a flooring collection. After installing the tiles, we can observe the repetition of the design and the elements that define the structure of the tiles, something that does not happen with a natural wood floor. But what if the number of repetitions were reduced to a minimum? Would we then get a natural effect?

This is exactly the approach used by the designers at A.Design Studio. When planning each color, they made sure that the number of decorations in each color is so large that even in a large open space, it would be difficult to see the same patterns, just like on a natural wood floor . In the Arbiton Woodric collection there are twice as many unique tiles in each design available as the standard number. They all fit together perfectly and, at the same time, each of them is unique, just like a natural wood board.

“Real Wood” structure – unique depth

Arbiton Woodric offers twelve colors in the basic collection and another twelve made with a revolutionary, deep structure of real wood “Real Wood” made with the help of EIR technology. Thus, the product made with synchronized structure technique (EIR), with low repeatability of the design, which guarantees the super natural effect, is launched on the market. Real Wood Structure is a hyper-natural effect that is accentuated by an elegant matte finish. Thanks to EIR, all design elements on the surface of the board are tactilely reproduced, adding authenticity to the entire collection.

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The mineral content – puts natural wood in inferiority

Arbiton Woodric boards are special due to the use of mineral content. It is a perfect choice for those who want to have a wooden floor – plank or parquet. However, their lifestyle precludes the application of a soft, non-resistant and damage-sensitive material. Arbiton Woodric are vinyl tiles with mineral content, which guarantee a high resistance to mechanical damage, water resistance and at the same time a natural and beautiful appearance. It is important to add that Woodric tiles have the unique Titanium Nano Layer ANTISCRATCH, which increases scratch resistance compared to conventional tiles by up to 30%. In independent tests, these boards also achieved the highest usability class – therefore they are ideal not only for home use, but also for offices with heavy traffic.

Wood on the floor is beautiful, but it can be a nuisance. It is soft, susceptible to damage, absorbs water and changes color when exposed to the sun. That’s why, although beautiful, wood is not the first choice for active people. We imagine some scenarios with accidentally spilled milk, a dog that comes with mud on it after a walk in November, sand brought by children after playing in the sand pit in the park, or friends dancing on heels in the living room.

Do such prosaic things have to force us to give up our dreams? Not. Thanks to the innovative construction, Arbiton Woodric vinyl tiles with mineral content represent the most modern flooring you can find on the market. It combines the best features of existing types of flooring products: from the classic, timeless design of wood, to the functionality of the tiles and to the way the laminate tiles are assembled. That is why Arbiton Woodric tiles are the ideal solution when we want to have a wooden floor, but our lifestyle does not allow it. They are 100% water resistant, do not absorb moisture, do not deform or discolor under its influence. It is not damaged by impact and strong blows (for example, dropping heavy objects). They have low thermal resistance, thanks to which they allow the efficient use of underfloor heating. They are very practical, easy to keep clean, and maintenance requires practically no effort. And although they look like wood due to their warm, pleasant and unique texture, a technological gap differentiates them from wood.

Colors as unique as YOU

Arbiton Woodric is a vinyl tile collection with dimensions of 1220mm x 229mm. The width of these boards is larger than the standard one, reminiscent of natural wood. All the tiles in the Arbiton Woodric collection have the highest usability class, which makes them suitable not only for homes, but even for offices. The tiles are available in up to 24 shades grouped into two categories: the basic collection and the one with synchronized structure (EIR). All decorations have shades of oak. From slightly bleached decorations, to light shades of oak with varying degrees of grain intensity, to tiles reminiscent of rustic planks. In this collection, there is no shortage of classic colors, which can create the basis of a timeless style. It will also be appreciated by those who want the floor to be a distinctive and strong accent.

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Worth noting is the Cavallion Oak decor from the EIR collection. It is a supernatural, warm, oak shade that will suit both minimalist Scandinavian interiors and spectacular glamorous rooms. The natural character is expressed through the visible texture, but without deep ribs. This decoration is a star of the sales charts, mainly due to its excellent balance of color and neutral structure.

Brandon Oak is another interesting decor from the same collection. These boards are characterized by a light rustic texture with specific vertical cracks that resemble a natural, raw wood plank. These tiles can be successfully used both in a mountain hut and in a modern apartment block. The structure perfectly imitates the pattern of wood. This effect is accentuated by embossing. Thanks to this, the floor looks very natural.

From the basic collection, the colors Lakewood Oak, Peterson Oak and Stamford Oak stand out. The first of these has a very familiar design, with numerous imperfections. The grain of the wood is very clear, which gives the effect of old wood with a rich history. Peterson Oak is its exact opposite. A neat, delicate model in a light shade, which can be the perfect neutral base for any interior design. Stamford Oak is probably the most popular choice when thinking of oak flooring. A perfect balance between the freshness and tranquility of wood and texture with slight imperfections. Without a doubt, it will be the star of the Arbiton Woodric collection and the best selling product of the collection.

A few words about the mineral content

The mineral content is made from natural rock minerals and modern polymers. It offers exceptional impact resistance and excellent thermal conductivity. Tiles with mineral content (HD Mineral Core) are as beautiful as wood and as practical as ceramic tiles. In appearance, they cannot be distinguished from real wood, and in use they resemble ceramic tiles. Dimensional stability allows mounting up to 200 m2 without the need for additional expansion joints. So there is no need to use transition profiles or thresholds at the doors. Plates of this type have won many fans, and in addition to their beautiful appearance and practicality, users especially praise the ease of cleaning and the pleasant structure.

European production, European quality

Arbiton Woodric boards have been designed and manufactured entirely in Europe. This is a product of the best quality, which is why the manufacturer grants a 25-year warranty. With Arbiton Woodric tiles you will create a harmonious interior as unique as you!

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