Home News An Airbus A380 aircraft performed a test flight powered by cooking oil

An Airbus A380 aircraft performed a test flight powered by cooking oil


The test flight lasted three hours, and the plane took off on March 25 from Blagnac airport in Toulouse, the French headquarters of Airbus.

The plane was powered by SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), a method that involves fuels made primarily from used cooking oil and residual fats, and ran on a single Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine, CNN reports.

A few days later, on March 29, Airbus made another flight, which also used cooking oil. This second test took place from Toulouse to Nice and was conducted to monitor the use of SAF during take-off and landing.

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According to the publication, the fuel used was supplied by TotalEnergies, a company based in the Normandy region of France. In the last year, Airbus has repeatedly tested the use of SAF-powered flights, with an A350 being tested in March 2021 and an A319neo flying in cooking oil in October. The company hopes to get aircraft certified to fly on SAF by 2030. At present, Airbus aircraft can be powered by up to 50% SAF, mixed with traditional kerosene.

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