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Almost half of Romanians would book a flight if they could recover their money in case of cancellation


One third (32%) said they would book the trip if they could reschedule it for free.

“Travelers want to feel comfortable when making a reservation. The biggest concern among tourists is the inability to recover the costs of their plane tickets in the event of a flight cancellation without good reason. Given that the price of a plane ticket is often the largest share of the total cost of the trip, we wanted to find a solution for our customers that came in the form of the Vola Flex service. ” said Claudia Tocilă, Marketing Director of Vola.ro, stating that the agency has launched a service through which, in case of a voluntarily canceled flight, Romanian passengers receive their money back in cash, in maximum 3 days, without additional questions and supporting documents.

Through this service, all passengers who decide that they no longer want to travel for various reasons, receive their money back in cash, in a maximum of 3 days. Vola Flex also applies to the other additional services purchased with the plane ticket: luggage, seats in the aircraft, automatic check-in, Fast Refund.

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When it can be used and how the service can be added

Vola Flex is a fintech travel product – that is, a financial protection applicable to tourist services. It is an original, unique service launched exclusively by Vola.ro that allows customers to cancel the reservation voluntarily. Customers who have added this option with the booking can take advantage of the Vola Flex service and apply when they wish to voluntarily cancel their reservation for any reason up to 48 hours before the first flight on the itinerary. Reimbursement of costs is made in cash within a maximum of 3 working days. The Vola Flex service does not apply if the airline has already canceled one or both flight segments. In this case, Vola.ro takes steps to recover the canceled segment (s), and their reimbursement is made according to the airline’s standard reimbursement procedures.

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94% of those who noticed the product on the Vola.ro website stated that they find it very useful for future trips, the main reasons that could occur being mild medical events, unforeseen events in the family or at work.

It is currently the only product of this type that covers absolutely all the reasons for a potential flight cancellation, which does not require any additional documents and no bureaucracy when requesting a refund.

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