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Airbus expects a significant increase in private jet sales in 2022. “We have been facing a difficult period in the last 12-18 months.”


According to the quoted source, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the European aircraft manufacturer had several years with reduced orders for its new business aircraft, because almost all business trips were eliminated.

The corporate version of the Airbus A220 was launched in 2020 and in 2021 it did not promise a single order, after the six commitments in the previous year, informs Agerpres.

But now the orders have recovered and dIt’s the beginning of the year and so far Airbus has received orders for five private jetsfour of which are for the ACJ220, and there are new business opportunities in the Middle East and the United States, said Airbus Corporate Jets President Benoit Defforge.

“We have been going through a difficult period for the last 12-18 months,” Benoit Defforge said in an interview ahead of the EBACE conference in Geneva on May 23-25.

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“We expect the Middle East to be a real opportunity in the coming years,” Defforge added.

There are currently more than 60 private jets produced by Airbus Corporate Jets flying in the Middle East, each with an average age of over 10 years, which means that there is an opportunity for the European manufacturer to renew its fleet.

Although the US market is more difficult to penetrate, Benoit Defforge believes that the relaunch of this market creates enough room for growth. Instead, China is becoming a more difficult market due to difficulties in accessing the market, as Beijing has reintroduced restrictions to keep the pandemic under control.

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At the same time, Airbus Corporate Jets was forced to cease its sales efforts in Russia in order to comply with international sanctions, even if between 10 and 15% of the company’s fleet is in this country.

Defforge also said the A220 corporate jet will enter service early next year and is expected to boost sales.

Airbus Corporate Jets expects to sell between five and ten ACJ220s a year. This private jet is based on Airbus A220-100 and will be able to fly a distance of up to 10,500 kilometers, enough to make the connection between London and Los Angeles.

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