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6 reasons to take a baby tricycle


Thus, you not only create beautiful memories with your child but also help him to discover the environment, to develop his immunity, social skills, and the body that is constantly developing in childhood. In the first years of your baby’s life, it’s important to be able to carry him safely, easily, and quickly. tricycle can be one of the best solutions. Your child will surely be delighted to walk around and explore the world with his or her own “means of transportation.”

Here are six important reasons why you should buy a tricycle.

1. Safety the child is the most important aspect for any parent, which is why his means of transport must be the same. Tricycles are safe, comfortable products for babies, and the value for money is very good.

2. Outdoor activity – It is recommended to spend your free time in the fresh air with the little one, because it is beneficial and healthy for both of them. In this sense, the tricycle is perfect, being created especially for outdoor use, in parks, children’s playgrounds, etc. You can carry it easily, safely, and it will have great fun throughout the “trip”.

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3. Development of motor skills – the tricycle “puts to work” a large group of muscles during use, especially in the lower limbs, because children do not have developed muscles (hard motor skills); by touching (buttons, horn, etc.), and palpating the steering wheel develops fine motor skills.

4. Self-confidence – a tricycle has functions (glass support, handlebar and push rod with thermal protection, foldable footrest, integrated steering system, height-adjustable steering rod, etc.), and various accessories (horn, pedals, toy basket, etc.). When the little one uses it, his ability to coordinate develops when he has to make the right turns, overcome obstacles, or move at speed. As he learns to ride a tricycle, he will have more confidence in his own strength, will have the impression that he has more independence, and that he will handle himself. These things are essential for the early development of self-esteem!

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5. Social development – the moment you go for a walk with your child, he develops social skills. Get in touch with other children in parks, playgrounds, and learn to be part of a community. At the same time, he exercises his capacity for understanding, communication, compassion, and compromise. The tricycle also contributes to all these benefits, because it is one of the most used products by the little one in childhood.

6. Cycling training – The tricycle trains the child very well for cycling. He is already accustomed to maintaining balance, distributive attention, pedals, brakes, and handlebars. Once you master the tricycle well, you may soon feel ready to learn to ride a bike!

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