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4 items that an antique dealer can buy you


In addition to books, an antique dealer can buy you other old items that you want to give up, and payment for your goods will be made on the spot. So here are the items an antique dealer can buy for you:

  1. Books – any volume, in any field

You may have several reasons to sell your books to an antique dealer: you want to clear your space, you want to give up the books you have already read, you have inherited a library that contains titles that are of no interest to you, you move and so on Antiques are the best choice when you have old books for sale as you will receive a free evaluation of the volumes you want to give up, regardless of their number. In addition, travel to your home is free, and payment for books sold is made in cash on the spot, so you can use that amount of money for any other needs. Regardless of the field of the books you want to sell, antique dealers will buy them. Whether you have literature books, specialty books, children’s books, or volumes of philosophy, art, science, or personal development, the antique dealer is interested in purchasing them.

  1. Old and new vinyls
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The popularity of music recorded on vinyl records has grown significantly in recent years, as a result, antique dealers have included these products in their offer. If you want to increase your budget, you can give up part of your vinyl collection by turning to an antique dealer. Thus, by simply selling old books and vinyls, you will be able to quickly get a sum of money that you can use for other projects that will help you achieve your goals. Whenever you want to clear your space without any effort on your part, all you have to do is select the books or vinyls you want to sell and contact the experienced antique dealership team.

  1. Old postcards

Many old items can be collected, including postcards, so whenever you want to give up part of your collection, it can be purchased by the antique dealership purchasing team. The most popular postcards that an antique dealer is interested in are those printed before the urban development of a city, postcards that present cities of historical importance from a socio-economic point of view, and also those that have been printed in circulation. smaller. Also, postcards can have a different value, much higher if they do not have documents, or if they bear the signature of important personalities in Romania.

  1. Old photos
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The antique dealer can purchase either your entire photo collection or just a portion of it. The photos you want to sell must be in good condition, free of blemishes and without significant damage. Old antique photos with famous personalities, the first pictures created by a famous photographer or photos with cars, historic buildings, motorcycles or vintage cars are of interest to antique dealers. Their evaluation is made taking into account several criteria, including the representations in the respective photographs. The older the photos, the more valuable they can be. Their value can also increase if they illustrate a certain personality.

Although collecting old objects is done out of passion, at some point it may be necessary to give up some of your items. The antique shop is not only the place where you can buy your literary treasures, but also the place where you can sell your books, vinyls, postcards or photos that you have collected. This way, you will get a sum of money that will allow you to renew your library or collections.

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