` Sonu Punjaban: Delhi's notorious sex racket
Sonu Punjab: Delhi's notorious sex racket ringleader who calls prostitution 'public service'

That was almost six years ago. It was winter. As she got off the bus at Bahadurgarh in Haryana, a state adjacent to Delhi, a 17-year-old girl first asked a passer-by for the address of a nearby police station. In front was the Najafgarh police station.

On the morning of February 9, 2014, the girl was present at the police station. He told the police that a man named Rajpal of Rohtak had some of his documents and the police should get them.

He told the policemen in front of him the whole story of the persecution he suffered, how he faced imprisonment, torture and exploitation. The policeman kept notes in his diary.

Telling her story on her own, the girl named Sonu Punjaban and said that she was also one of the people who made her a prostitute. Police registered an FIR on the girl's complaint.

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When the trial continued through the night

Sonu Punjaban, the ringleader of Delhi's notorious sex racket, was in custody when Haryana police was registering the complaint. A few months later, the goldsmith disappeared. But in 2017, she mysteriously reappeared and Sonu Punjab was arrested again.

Three years later, a Delhi court convicted him again and sentenced him to 24 years in prison.

She had been running away from the police for some time and the arrest of the female perpetrator of 'heinous crimes' made headlines.

She sympathized with the oppressed girls

According to the judge, she was not able to live in a civilized society but the 'pimp' who ran the girls' racket in Delhi always argued that she was' supporting the oppressed girls'.

Sonu also says that women have a right to their body and they have the right to sell it, they only help in this work. "After all, we're all selling something. What about your skills, body, soul, love and not knowing? '

But this time the victim was a minor girl.

Announcing the decision to send Sonu Punjab to jail, Judge Pritam Singh said: 'A woman's honor is as precious as her soul. The culprit Geeta Arora alias Sonu has broken all the boundaries of being a Punjabi woman. Under the law, they deserve the harshest punishment.

Arrest on the complaint of a minor girl

The FIR registered against Sonu Punjab was sent to the Crime Branch in 2015 but in 2017, when the DCP of the Crime Branch, Bhesham Singh, took over the matter, the girl who left home from Gandhinagar in 2014 was found. A team was formed to do so as the girl went missing only after a complaint was lodged at the police station. Her father had written another report about the girl's disappearance at the time.

In November, police found the girl in Yamuna Vihar. She lived there with some of her friends. Meanwhile, Sonu Punjaban was acquitted in a case in 2014 due to lack of evidence, but as soon as the girl was found, Sonu was re-arrested on December 25, 2017.

On the day of sentencing, Sonu Punjaban tried to commit suicide by consuming several pans of chlorine at once. He was rushed to a hospital. After a few hours, his condition improved.

Bheeshma Singh said: "They may have acted to avoid harsh punishment so that the judge may feel sorry for them but the judge did not show any mercy."

Drug injection

During the hearing of the case, the judge said that Sonu Punjaban had put chilli powder on the breasts of the victim so that he could control her. In her testimony, the girl said she was given drug injections.

Bheeshma Singh said: 'It was an injection given to a cow and a buffalo to express milk. It prepares the body quickly.

Police say Sono has a long list of crimes. These are just a few examples of their cruelty. She could be even more ruthless. He had bought the girl on whose complaint Sonu Punjab was convicted.

His racket included many housewives and college girls. She facilitated the prostitution of these women and took commissions in return. This was done by mutual consent. In addition, she bought underage girls from other brokers and provided them to her clients.
These girls were sent to customers in turn so that brokers would not have a supply problem in their areas.

According to DCP Singh, Sonu Punjaban has been a virtuous woman. He has no fear and no regrets.

He says: 'When I said that buying and selling underage girls was a crime, he said that he did not know. She was saying this on purpose. She knew in that look that he had failed her.

"Individuals in our general public feel that ladies alone can't carry out such violations against ladies

Sono Punjabis are not worthy of a civilized society?

Sonu was sentenced to 24 years in prison. They were convicted under sections 328, 342, 366A, 372, 373 and 120B of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) as well as sections 4, 5 and 6 of the Prevention of Unethical Trade Act.

Sonu was also convicted under the Pokso Act, which protects children from sexual offenses. Additional Sessions Judge Pritam Singh also imposed a fine of Rs 64,000 on Sono. The court also sentenced Sonu's co-accused Sandeep Bedwal to 20 years in prison and asked the victim to pay Rs 700,000 in compensation.

According to police, the victim of Sonu Punjaban had left home voluntarily in 2014. She was addicted to drugs and could not bear the stigma. Her sister was about to get married. She did not want her past to interfere with the relationship.

After the hearing, a drug called Alperx was mentioned during the verdict. The victim was suffering from depression and was taking medication. The girl had alleged in the FIR that some people were threatening her.

After a long absence, she was counseled when she was found. It helped him start a new life. He also got married.

After the marriage, her in-laws left her. The boy's parents were unwilling to compromise on his past. She no longer talks on the phone. But according to investigating officer Pankaj Negi, the girl feels she has finally won. She is relieved

I initially observed Sonu Punjaban in 2011 out of a Delhi court. She stood before the judge with folded hands. Her hair was scattered. She looked tired. Police said she is taking a drug rehabilitation course and spends most of her time sleeping in her cell in Tihar Jail.

He was being taken to Tihar again after the court hearing that day. Sonu Punjaban entered the bus straight and sat in the back seat. I was near the parking lot.

As soon as he saw me, I asked him to put my name on his list of visitors. I remember it was a hot July day. He asked my name. Then for many days I kept calling in Tihar to see if my name was on the list of those who met Sonu Punjab. From there he explains that my name is not among the six names on Sono's list.

He was 30 years old at the time of his arrest

Kailash Chand, the investigating officer in the Sono Punjab case, was a sub-inspector in 2011. Speaking at the Mehroli police station, he said that he had set up a trap to catch Sonu Punjab.

Kailash Chand says he used to talk to Sonu all night in custody. Sonu was kept in police custody for five days. Kailash used to bring cigarettes, tea and food for a few golds and she would tell them her story.

In Kailali, when Kailash Chand captured Sono Punjaban, he was amazed at its beauty. They also took a picture of him with a mobile phone camera. However, now it has faded.

Sonu was 30 at the time of his arrest in 2011. He quit his job just a year and a half after he got into prostitution. By this time, she had set up a network to run her own syndicate.

Police also found a diary containing the names and contacts of Sono's users. His mobile phone book was also recovered. Sono's racket also included girls studying in the city's elite colleges. She worked for them on a contract basis.

"Prostitution is an open assistance," Sonu told Kailash Chand. We give men the way of salvation. We also help women fulfill their dreams. If you have nothing to sell but your body, sell it. People are always selling something. His entire conversation was recorded in writing and included in the charge sheet.

In talking to the police, she often argued that she was providing an important service to society. I don't know how many rapes there would be if she and women like her weren't there.
She used to state that desire is a market. If there is no market, there will be violence in the society. Morality was left behind long ago.

In my old notebook, I found a story of Sonu Punjaban told to the police. Sonu mentions a woman whose husband used to beat her. He had forced sex with her. It doesn't give a shit. She had a child whom she wanted to read and write well.

He said to Kailash Chand: 'What is the fault of this woman? She is married so suppress all her desires. She is married to the man who beats her. His body is the only way to avoid this. This is a bad thing in the eyes of society.

According to police, Sonu Punjab was fast. She wore nice clothes. I had a lot of self-confidence. He was arrested again in 2017. The police knew that if they wanted to know the secret, they would have to take care of Sonu. Red bull drinks, sandwiches, burgers and pizza were brought to him. Like Kailash Chand, this time too the police used to buy cigarettes for him. This time too he told the story and gave his old arguments in support of prostitution. He refused to accept the fact that he knew the missing minor girl. But this time luck did not support him.

Sonu Punjab was first arrested in Phantom Vihar in 2007 under the Prevention of Unethical Trade Act. She was released on bail. Once again in 2008 he was caught in an old crime.

Prostitution 'public service' in Sonu's view

Sonu Punjaban was released on parole in 2019. Meanwhile, in all his TV interviews, he had said that the police were harassing him. No girl on record said she was a pimp. They only provide services to the people.

She is helping women who are looking for a way out of their bad marriages. They are worried in their homes. She is helping ladies who need to appreciate life. He knew that his stories would make headlines.

She knew the characters of both the crime and the victim. They had both lived. The role of the forgotten Punjabi in the film 'Fokre' made in 2013 and 'Fokre Return' in 2017 was influenced by his story. Both the roles were played by actress Richa Chadha.

When Sonu Punjaban was arrested under the MCCA Act, RM Tufail fought her case and she was acquitted. "It's a long time," he said after being sentenced to 24 years. In this case, too, he had advocated for Sono. He said he would appeal the decision.

Tufail says: 'The oldest profession in the world is begging and prostitution. No one knows much about it. Everyone talks about ethics. Now it climbs these things.

Sonu's sentence is long '

Sonu Punjaban, who runs a sex racket worth crores of rupees in East and South Delhi, has been in the news since his arrest in 2011. According to the stories published in the newspapers about him, his lifestyle has been luxurious. She has had many lovers and at least four husbands. Everyone has been a notorious gangster. A large number of them have been executed in police experiences.

Sonu had refused to recognize the relationship as 'marriage'. He said that the police had given him the name 'Sono Punjaban'. As a child, his parents called him Sono. Police say she named one of her husbands, Hemant alias Sonu.

In 2003, her husband Vijay was killed in a police encounter in UP. After that she began living with her companion Deepak. Deepak used to steal cars. In Guwahati, police killed Deepak in an encounter. After that she started living with Deepak's brother Hemant alias Sonu. Hemant was a criminal. He slaughtered a man in Bahadurgarh to vindicate his sibling's passing. As per Sonu, Hemant was additionally executed in an experience.

It is said that after Sonu's death, she began to feel helpless. Both his brothers were unemployed. The father had died. The responsibility of caring for his son and mother fell on his shoulders. At the same time, she became a call girl and entered the prostitution business.

Sonu denies having more marriages. But according to police and media, Sonu had four marriages after Vijay's death. All but a fifth husband died in separate police encounters.

Investigating officer Pankaj Negi says: 'Sono's phone has a picture of him with these people. They put vermilion in them and stand with them. These intimate pictures show that they are husband and wife.

Journey from Gita Magu to Sonu Punjab

Sonu Punjab was born in 1981 in Geeta Colony, Delhi. His name was Gita Magu.His granddad originated from Pakistan as an evacuee and settled in Rohtak. His father Om Prakash came to Delhi and drove an auto rickshaw.

His family lived in Geeta Colony in East Delhi. Sonu had three siblings. An older sister and two brothers. Sonu's elder sister Bala was married to Satish alias Bobby. Satish and his younger brother Vijay had killed the man with whom their sister Nisha had an affair. Both went to jail in this case. After being released on parole, Geeta married Vijay in 1996.

When I first visited his house in 2011, I saw a picture of Vijay standing in front of the mountains. Gita fell in love with Vijay and married him. He was only 15 at the time. Then they had a son. Her son was nine years old when I visited her.

He was waiting for his mother. She was about to bring a toy car. Her mother said she sometimes calls from prison. The child is now 17 years old. Police say he knows about his mother.

Sonu's family also adopted a daughter. But after Vijay's death, his adoptive parents took him away. Vijay died after seven years of marriage. He was out on prowl at the time.

Sonu Punjab's father died in 2003. After that she started working as a beautician in Phantom Vihar. While there, she met her co-worker, Neto, who introduced her to the prostitution business.

She then began working as a sex worker for Kiran, a woman living in Rohini.

Initially, he rented a room in the B block of the Priyavaran complex for this business. He then rented apartments in Freedom Fighter Colony, Malviya Nagar and Shawalak. He bought an apartment in Anupam Enclave in Delhi's Syed Ajaib. The flat was bought in the name of Sanjay Makhija.

According to police records, Sanjay Makhija Sonu is an old friend of Punjab. Throughout Sono Punjab's entire career, Raju Sharma alias Ajay was his partner, first as a sex worker and then as an upper class pimp.

Raju was first Sono's cook and later worked as a driver. He also worked as a broker and was twice arrested along with Sonu Punjaban.

According to Sonu, it was a very good business. Sonu also kept cooks and cleaners for his clients.

As the business grew, so did his partner, Raju Outstation. Them two spread their work in various urban areas through their operators.

While talking to the police, Sonu Punjab had named the brokers who were in charge of different areas. Although they competed, they worked together. For example, if Sonu Punjab has a client in an area and she cannot arrange a girl for him there, she will ask others to arrange for her. Other brokers did the same when needed. However, there was fierce competition between them.

According to Negi, when Sonu Punjaban took over the business, it started charging 60% of the revenue for security for its network.

His car drove 500 km through the city at night. This car would pick up the girls from their place and drop them off at the customers.

Sonu made the most money from the girls she held captive. She used to buy these girls. One such minor girl had lodged an FIR against him.

Another high profile broker from Delhi, Echhadhari Baba, is currently in Tihar Jail. Sonu is said to have traced the police and nabbed the self-styled Baba Ichhadhari.

Bheeshma Singh says: 'In this type of crime, when there was a vacancy, someone would fill it. The same thing happened here. After the arrest of Echhadhari Baba, Sonu expanded his business.

News of Sonu Punjab's arrest became headlines. Her photos in pink cardigan and blue jeans were covered in the media. In her second interview, she appeared in a leather jacket, yellow jumper and shawl.

His face was being shown on TV channels. Her crime was being described and she was being described as the 'queen' of organized sex racket.

The arrest of Sonu Punjab could serve to deter others from committing such crimes. But police believe it is difficult to bring such sex workers to justice.

Bheeshma Singh says that if the minor girl had not gone ahead and lodged a complaint against him, it would have been difficult to catch Sonu Punjaban.


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