` Mysterious explosion and fire in Iran
Baffling blast and fire in Iran: In the most recent episode, seven vessels burst into flames 

The reason for the fire couldn't be determined 

As per Iranian state media, in any event seven pontoons stopped at the port of Bushehr in the south of the nation have strangely burst into flames, which specialists state has been contained. 

As per state media in Iran, the fire broke out in a shipyard where ships and vessels are constructed. 

A nearby official with the Emergency Management Agency told the Iranian news organization IRNA that the fire had been contained and no setbacks had been accounted for. 

The reason for the fire is obscure, yet as of late there have been secretive occurrences of such flames at a few delicate and cautious establishments in Iran. 

They incorporate a rocket production line, a force plant, a clinical center and a complex of atomic offices where blasts and flames have occurred. 

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Bits of gossip have been circling lately that they might be a piece of a harm battle. 

On Monday, six gas stockpiling tanks burst into flames in a mechanical zone in the northeastern city of Mashhad, one of which was devastated by a blast. 

On Sunday, a fire broke out at a petrochemical industrial facility in the southwestern city of Maheshahr, which was said to have been brought about by oil slicks. 

A few gas chambers detonated in the storm cellar of a private structure in the city on Saturday, as indicated by firemen in Tehran. 

Iranian authorities state they are analyzing whether the bombings at Natanz's uranium improvement plant and Khojar rocket industrial facility were done by outside components or by hostile to Iranian gatherings inside the nation. 

In 2010, a PC infection created in the United States and Israel focused on Natanz's atomic offices. 

Late occasions in Iran 

Since the finish of June, secretive blasts and flames have been accounted for in different pieces of Iran. 

June 26: A bomb detonates at a key oil flexibly office for Khojar rockets close Parchin, Iran. Around the same time, a fire broke out in a force plant in the Iranian city of Shiraz, which made the city's power be suspended. 

June 30: A blast at an emergency clinic in Iran executes 19 individuals. 

July 2: Explosion and fire at the Natanz atomic office. 


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