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When I look at the history of a better year in Pakistan, I find that the fear of despair has always hovered over the beloved homeland. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the hasty despair and political immaturity of our nation.

Unfortunately, soon after the establishment of Pakistan, the founder of Pakistan passed away and he did not get the opportunity to train the nation that was necessary for our nation. After him, an unending series of Shazas began which is still going on. History has shown that the governance of countries and nations depends on the capabilities of political governance and the civil service. But call it the oppression of the times or the incompetence of one's own. They both drowned the fleet of Mamkat Khudad. Sometimes martial law, sometimes presidential system, sometimes parliamentary democracy. Grace is the prayer of the elders and the blood of the martyrs, thanks to which it is still alive today. Where the current rotten system has thousands of flaws, thanks to this system, the nation saw a ray of hope in the form of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto after decades. However, this hope of the nation was soon extinguished by the combination of its own interests and external conspiracy Later, the nation saw the worst form of parliamentary democracy that God forbid. Corruption, lawlessness, nepotism, kickbacks, a series of indiscriminate kickbacks, in which not dozens but hundreds of books can be written. However, the feature of time is that it does not stop. Soon our nation became allergic to Musharraf. Time turned around and again the era of two-party system of Sultanate democracy. Started

In the name of the Charter of Democracy, the same old faces re-imposed on the nation. Who, while maintaining their former traditions, started looting. These so-called democratic dictators treated the nation in such a way that the nation was once again forced to lean towards the third force. In such a situation, Imran Khan became the center of hope of the entire nation. Then on July 25, the people announced their decision and Imran Khan was elected the Prime Minister of Pakistan. But it was too late for the nation to wake up and the military and democratic dictators had taken the best revenge of democracy from this kingdom of God. The country was on the verge of bankruptcy. The sword of the FATF was hanging over the country's debts and the interest on them had reached the highest level in history. In such a situation, Imran Khan while addressing the nation said a historic sentence, "Don't worry!"

But our unstable nation is nervous at every moment but hope is still there. Yes, the last hope of this nation is still Imran Khan. Imran Khan had said earlier that they are all one for their own interests. Will go, but then ordinary people like me did not understand this. As time passed, the whole thing came to light and all those who had been wrestling against each other for decades gathered under one democratic umbrella. And then the same political elements became active, the same political elements that had been robbing the nation for decades.

If Imran Khan puts his hand on politicians, democracy is in danger. If he puts his hand on civil service, the system is in danger. If he puts his hand on unbridled media, his freedom of expression is in danger. When it comes to reforms, the workers are in danger. When it comes to improving the health system, the doctors are in danger. If the owners of private schools are in danger, when it comes to accountability of judges, the judiciary is in danger. So let's start with how long it will last.

When it comes to giving relief to the people, sometimes flour mafia, sometimes sugar mafia, sometimes petrol mafia, oil mafia, mafia of pharmaceutical companies, who are these people?

Yes, all these are the products of the same democratic favors. These are the fruits of the same Charter of Democracy which belong to these big political families. Against whom Imran Khan raised the banner of rebellion. But so far they have been fighting hard because of the Bosida system and its roots. It will take time to get rid of them but we are also a strange nation. We have given them seventy years to spread and we are not ready to wait even five years to get rid of them. Did anyone say that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was born in Chaman with great difficulty? After a long wait of four decades, Allah Almighty has given this nation a fearless and honest leader like Imran Khan with whom the future of Pakistan is connected. Appreciate it.

Our generations have spent their lives waiting for the rise of this country, perhaps it was written in that era. We may not be able to see but our generations will definitely see and Imran Khan has started this rise. All that remains is to complete it. Let a few incompetent corrupt people and the temporary reprimand of this mafia do not let their hopes be dashed. My country is great and will emerge with all its greatness. This hope which is connected with the greatness of this country is the trust of the blood of these millions of martyrs. Pride is the destiny of this kingdom of God and it will reach its destiny. In our national anthem, this country was called the center of faith. This country is the center of our faith. The day each of us made it the center of our true faith, it will emerge and spread all over the world.

The fight against this mafia and its guard father is not Imran Khan's personal fight. Imran Khan alone can do something. We all have to play a role because if God forbid Imran Khan also failed then maybe we have to wait for a Messiah somewhere. This is a war for the survival of Pakistan and for us Pakistan is the first.


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