` China-US line: criminal analyst 'covered up in San Francisco office'
Fugitive Chinese scientist hiding in the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco

U.S. authorities state a Chinese researcher associated with visa extortion and concealing his connects to the military is covering up at the Chinese office in San Francisco. 

U.S. authorities state the case is a piece of China's program to furtively send Chinese researchers to the United States. 

President Trump's organization on Wednesday requested the conclusion of the Chinese office in Houston, saying US data was being taken through the office. 

After the conclusion of the Houston department, President Trump cautioned that progressively Chinese offices could be shut after that. 

As of late, President Trump has pointedly censured China for accusing the episode of the crown infection, over exchange issues and over close security in Hong Kong. 

What are the claims against the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco? 

As indicated by reports put together by government authorities to a bureaucratic court in San Francisco, Chinese researcher Juan Teng was a science analyst at the University of California. 

As indicated by the report, he said in a meeting with the FBI a month ago that he didn't have anything to do with the military. 

A record introduced to the court said that later examinations uncovered pictures of him in a military uniform and an inquiry of his home uncovered that he had a place with the Chinese People's Liberation Army. 

After the FBI talk with, Tung went to the Chinese office on June 20, where the FBI couldn't contact him. 

Examiners state Teng isn't the main Chinese researcher, yet seems, by all accounts, to be a piece of the Chinese military's program to send Chinese researchers to the United States under different guises. 

The report refers to two different cases in which Chinese researchers were captured in California for lying about their military alliance.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry representative called the US activity "provocative." 

What's going on at the Chinese Consulate? 

The issue of the Houston department was brought when a few compartments up in the foyer of its structure burst into flames. 

In the video film, it very well may be seen that a few people are consuming paper in these canisters. 

Crisis groups were called, however Houston police said they were not permitted into the structure. 

The US organization on Wednesday allowed China 72 hours to clear the office building. 

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said he is "making it clear what the Chinese Communist Party ought to do." And when they do, we will find a way to ensure American interests, American security, the American economy and occupations. " 

China has five departments in the United States and an international safe haven in Washington. China has considered the US choice a political incitement

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is additionally encouraging his partners to make a move against China 

What are the issues among China and the United States? 

There are numerous issues among China and the United States that are causing pressures. The absolute most genuine cases are as per the following: 

Crown infection: The US president has more than once considered the infection the Chinese infection and demanded that it was made in Chinese research facilities, in opposition to reports from his knowledge offices. Accordingly, Chinese authorities have said that Code 19 began in the United States, however they have no proof of that. 

Exchange: President Trump has since quite a while ago blamed China for seeking after an unjustifiable exchange strategy and taking licensed innovation. China and the United States have been at loggerheads over exchange since 2018 and have been making a move against one another. 

HONG KONG: China forced new security runs a couple of months prior to subdue dissents in Hong Kong, after which the United States reported the lifting of uncommon exchange concessions allowed to Hong Kong. China has censured the United States for meddling in China's inner undertakings. 

South China Sea: There is likewise a debate between the two nations over the way that China is continually expanding its quality in this asset rich ocean. The US Secretary of State has depicted China's development in these contested waters as tormenting and harassing.

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