` Biden Promises to End 'Vile Muslim Ban' on Day 1
Joe Biden: If I become president, I will lift the ban on Muslim immigrants on the first day

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has reiterated his commitment to lift President Donald Trump's ban on immigrants from seven Muslim countries if he wins the presidential election. Will do

According to Reuters, Joe Biden criticized US President Trump, saying that imposing an immigration ban on people from seven Muslim countries is an abuse of power.

It should be noted that President Trump had banned immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the country, while Joe Biden and other critics had said that Muslims have been discriminated against.

A federal court overturned the initial ban, but in 2018 the Supreme Court upheld an amended ruling. It may be recalled that in April this year, President Trump also announced a two-month ban on immigration in the country.

"On the off chance that I become president, I will lift the prohibition on Muslim workers on the primary day," Biden said in a video explanation.

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He said that what message President Trump is sending to the world through enemy of Muslim belief systems, the American country ought to communicate something specific of generosity to the world and not its capacity. 

He said President Trump was taunting American conventions and character the world over. 

Tending to the American individuals, he stated, "We need to help you with the goal that we can fix it." 

"In the event that I win the administration, I will incorporate Muslim individuals from my bureau who will be a piece of my organization," Biden said. 

"We will join law based customs into our international strategy and rise as a main country on the planet that speaks to all individuals living in our nation," he said. 

He said he would battle for the privileges of a different state for the individuals of Palestine and Israel.

Then again, President Trump has marked four presidential declarations and reported a decrease in the costs of physician recommended drugs in the nation

The four presidential decrees I'm signing today will radically change the market for prescription drugs in the country," said President Trump.

President Trump has long been criticized for the country's high drug prices.

The presidential decree will allow the United States to cut drug prices and allow cheaper drugs to be imported from abroad.

President Trump has been widely criticized for worsening the situation in the country due to the corona virus and for the government's response

US election 2020: Who will Biden choose as his running mate?

In the Democratic primary last March (the party's presidential nomination process) in March this year, Joe Biden promised that if he won the party's nomination for the presidency, he would run as a vice-presidential candidate. But they will choose a woman.

Biden is now his party's presidential candidate. But even before that, speculation was rife about his possible co-candidates.

However, during the global epidemic, economic turmoil, protests and ethnic tensions, whispers about various candidates have fluctuated.

If he keeps his word, this will be the third nomination of a woman politician for the vice presidency by a major party. Four years ago, Hillary Clinton became the first American woman to be nominated for the presidency.

According to opinion polls, the move suggests that Democrats want to take advantage of the support of female voters, as well as perhaps rid Biden of allegations that he has been involved in inappropriately touching women.

Biden has said he will announce his choice in August. But before that, let's take a look at some of the key women candidates on this list.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris tops the list. She has been a member of the Senate and the Attorney General of California. He has a very broad background: his mother is from India and his father is from Jamaica. The national media has thoroughly scrutinized her as she ran for the presidency last year and at one point even emerged as a strong candidate.

He clashed with Biden in the first primary in June last year, but that is old-fashioned in American politics.

Harris recently raised 2 million for Biden. He is very active, and his nomination will be a source of satisfaction to those who are demanding that Biden give a ticket to a black woman. His bold statements on police reform during recent protests have been well received by various Democrats. A year ago, Biden and Harris looked like a natural couple, and they still do.

Gretchen Whitmer

Until a few months ago, there was not much talk about Gretchen Whitmer. Then came the global outbreak of the corona virus, during which they became the hallmark of their state. He slammed the federal government's response to the epidemic. In this way, she became the target of criticism from Donald Trump, which increased her fame.

Given the severity of the epidemic in Michigan, he made some tough decisions about social distance and business closures, which led to protests but increased his stature among Democrats.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump by a narrow margin and had a profound effect on the election results. If Biden wants to avoid such a situation, he will have to take someone from Michigan with him.

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