` Twitter tests new voice tweeting feature
Voice notice feature on Twitter: Now you can speak our tweets

People often complain that unlike Facebook, the social networking site Twitter is a social media app with limited features. Some users are not happy with the limits set by Twitter for expressing their feelings and thoughts.

Like only 280 characters can be used in a tweet. And before that the number of these letters was only 140.

Therefore, everyone from a big leader to a common user has to break their word in many tweets.

Most users also say that because of the brevity of the tweet, they could not say what they really wanted to say.

But now with all this in mind, Twitter has introduced a new feature.

Using it, people will be able to share tweets without writing anything. But how? So the answer is that Twitter has introduced a voice feature in which users can record their voice.

That means you can now share tweets in your own voice. This way users will not have to write anything and will be able to express their thoughts and feelings in an audio message.

What will be its features

You can record your voice for up to 140 seconds in a voice tweet. But even then, if you can't finish, the app will automatically create multiple tweets and share them as a thread.

People will be able to see your tweets on their timeline just like a normal tweet.

According to Twitter, voice tweets are still being tested and are now available to specific users on the iPhone.

But the company says that in the coming weeks, all iPhone users will be able to use this feature.

The company did not provide any information on when and how Android users will be able to tweet.

To use this new feature you simply open Tweet Composer and tap the new icon along the wavelength. There you will see your profile photo with the record button below. This is the button you tap to record your voice.

Each voice tweet can handle up to 140 seconds of audio. But if you have more to say, you can just keep talking and a new voice tweet will automatically start to create a thread.

Your voice tweets will appear on other tweets as well as on people's timelines. Easy to hear: just tap the image. Playback will start in a new window at the end of your timeline so it does not interfere with what is happening on your phone. Very easy!

For now, this feature will only be available to a limited number of people on iOS. However, in the coming weeks, everyone on iOS should be able to use this feature.

Twitter added on its blog, "There is a lot that can be understood without the use of text or without interpretation, so we hope that voice tweeting will create a more humane experience for listeners and storytellers alike." Will We couldn't agree more.

You can listen to audio tweets by tapping the play button. On iOS, Twitter says a dock will appear near the bottom of the app so you can listen to audio tweets and keep scrolling through your timeline. If you switch to another app, they will continue to play in the background.

Audio tweets can pose new challenges to moderation for Twitter, and it's important to remember the fun factor here. Verge asked Twitter for more details on how it would make it easier for deaf or hard of hearing people to access these audio tweets. In response to an email, a spokesman said: "This is an initial test of audio for us and we are still looking for the best ways to meet the needs of people with different abilities."


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