` Twitter Removes More Than 170,000 Pro-China Accounts
Twitter has shut down more than 170,000 accounts it says were part of a plan to broadcast Chinese-backed messages.

The social media platform says that some of these posts and tweets were related to the corona virus epidemic. According to the company, these include 23,750 highly active original accounts and 150,000 amplifier accounts.

Amplifier means accounts that sent more of the original messages.

Twitter has also shut down more than 1,000 accounts in Russia that it claims spread misleading information.

Twitter says the Chinese system was situated in China and was engaged with an activity it propelled a year ago in a joint activity with Facebook and YouTube. 

The system likewise communicate messages about the circumstance in Hong Kong. 

"Despite the fact that this system is new, it utilizes a similar specialized connections that were utilized in August 2019 to recognize it," Twitter said in its organization blog. He is from China. 

The US-based online life stage Twitter included that it had "deliberately checked and explored the Chinese-drove activity." 

As indicated by Twitter, the two connected records were trapped in the first place, so the quantity of their supporters isn't high blog said. 

Twitter says it has additionally found a media site that was engaged with state-supported political publicity inside Russia. Twitter has likewise suspended 1,152 of these records. As indicated by Twitter, "his exercises included advancing the United Russia Party and assaulting political rivals."

Rooting out misleading information

However, Twitter was also criticized for not removing misinformation about the corona virus.

Earlier this week, Twitter announced that it was testing a new pop-up called 'Read Before You Retweet', aimed at promoting 'informed discussions'. Is.

This message will appear on the screen when users start sharing an article without reading it.


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