` Robots took my job: Microsoft sacks journalists, replaces them

According to American and British media, the well-known American company Microsoft has planned to use an automated system instead of dozens of journalists for its MSN website through which news will be selected and published.

Until now, journalists used to tell news stories in a new way, select them and put headlines on them for the MSN site.

According to the Seattle Times, all this work will now be done under artificial intelligence.

Microsoft said the experiment was part of a review of their business.

"Like all other companies, we regularly review our business," the major US technology company said in a statement.

Microsoft, like some other technology companies, pays news organizations for the content of its website.

"It's discouraging to think that machines can take our place, but that's what's happening," one of the journalists told the newspaper.

But she has traditionally hired journalists for what and where the news will be presented.

According to the Seattle Times, about 50 contract news producers will lose their jobs by the end of June, but a team of journalists will remain for the time being.

One of the journalists told the newspaper: "It's discouraging to think that machines can take our place, but that's what's happening."

Some fired journalists have warned that artificial intelligence may not be fully aware of the agency's strict guidelines and could lead to inappropriate news coverage.

According to The Guardian, 27 of those who lost their jobs belonged to the UK's PA media through which they found employment.

"I spend all my time reading about how automation and AI will take all our jobs and he took my job," said a journalist in the newspaper.

Microsoft is one of the many technology companies that has experimented with so-called robot journalism to reduce costs.

Google is also investing in such projects to understand how it can work in the end.

"It's dampening to figure machines can supplant us however there you go," one of those confronting excess told the paper. 

Some sacked columnists cautioned that man-made consciousness may not be completely acquainted with exacting publication rules, and could wind up letting through improper stories. 

Twenty-seven of those losing their positions are utilized by the UK's PA Media, the Guardian reports. 

One columnist cited in the paper stated: "I invest all my energy finding out about how computerization and AI is going to take every one of our occupations - presently it's taken mine."

Google is additionally putting resources into ventures to see how it may function.

The organization has extended outside its customary news office business, as of late purchasing stock picture business Alamy in a matter of seconds before the pandemic crushed the media business. 

A representative for the organization stated: "We are unwinding the Microsoft group working at PA, and we are doing all that we can to help the people concerned. We are glad for the work we have finished with Microsoft and realize we conveyed a top notch administration." 

This can bring about expanded interest in certain spots and, now and again, re-organization in others. These choices are not the consequence of the present pandemic." 

Numerous tech organizations are trying different things with utilizes for Artificial Intelligence in news-casting, with any semblance of Google subsidizing interest in ventures to comprehend its uses, despite the fact that endeavors to robotize the composition of articles have not been received broadly.


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