` Khair K Do Aur Idare

Pakistan Kidney Center Abbottabad is likewise a magnanimous association, which has been without giving treatment to patients experiencing kidney ailments throughout the previous five years. This Kidney Center is a beam of expectation and life for many individuals in Hazara Division, particularly those patients. Dr. Khalil-ur-Rehman is a Kidney Specialist, CEO of Pakistan Kidney Center, who has been working in Saudi Arabia for a long time, after the 2005 seismic tremor, whose kidneys come up short and he needs dialysis to endure. Settlers started to accomplish something for their nation. 

Dr. Khalil-ur-Rehman helped to establish the Pakistan Welfare Society Trust (PWS Trust) with grief stricken Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia and propelled a free clinical camp for poor people and regular workers living there (it proceeds right up 'til the present time). There is a shortage of standard kidney care foundations in Pakistan, particularly in reverse and huge urban areas. This office is nearly non-existent. Second dialysis is past the range of the regular man. 

It is a costly treatment, so remembering the predicament of the individuals, Dr. Khalil-ur-Rehman established the framework stone of the Pakistan Kidney Center on the Silk Road among Havelian and Abbottabad under the management of Pakistan Welfare Society. Worked at an expense of Rs., In the principal stage, a dialysis unit comprising of 15 present day dialysis machines was set up and it began giving free treatment to poor and meriting patients. Up until now, in excess of 33,000 dialysis units have been set up, more than 10,000. Patients have profited by OPD offices in provincial and remote regions A free versatile wellbeing administration has been propelled for the determination and screening of kidney and kidney disappointment patients. 

It has likewise inspected and tried a large number of patients up until this point. Aside from diabetes and hypertension, the third significant reason for kidney disappointment is absence of convenient finding and treatment of kidney stones. The Kidney Center will have a best in class working theater and related offices that will profit a large number of individuals in the zone. It is a standard foundation and an open help place. Dialysis is a costly treatment for kidney patients. Can't survive without it so Pakistan Kidney Center is hanging tight for your gifts and good cause, account subtleties are given beneath Is. You store your gifts into their record. 

Record Title, Pakistan Welfare Society Trust 

IBAN: PK33ABPA0010019963110010 

Air conditioning. No. 0010019963110010 

Quick Code: ABPAKKISL 

United Bank of Pakistan, G-10 Branch (0750) Islamabad. 

Contact numbers: 0300-5598569, 0316-0759513 

Site, www.pkc.com.pk. 

The other establishment is Dr. Asif Mehmood Jah's Customs Healthcare Society. Dr. Asif Mehmood Jah is a specialist, a worker of Pakistan Customs. He constructed this general public during his administration and worked superbly. It reveals to me another story consistently.. They are needy individuals. They have been building the mosque structure for a long time. They are attempting to assemble a mosque however they can't do as such. Ramadan is drawing nearer. Indeed, we need our mosque to be finished, Nazir got numerous calls, there was no gift for the mosque, at that point I asked Dr. Aftab Habib Li stated, the elderly person, our benefactors for a long time, is frequently converse with them on the telephone. 

When Dr. Aftab Habib got some answers concerning the mosque, he called his sort hearted sister Sarwat Sultana. He promptly pulled back the cash. Acclaim be to God, the mosque was finished in two months. In the event that you send the photos of the mosque to Dr. Sahib. After the mosque, Ms. Sarwat Sultana stated, "Dr. Sahib, I need to spend my collected capital in the method of Allah. I need you to discover a house, assemble a little clinic there and help poor people." And give free clinical treatment to destitute patients. 

We began searching for a house. One morning we went to see a house in Spring Valley. We preferred seeing another two story house. We told Dr. Aftab and Ms. Sarwat Sultana that they were prepared right away. The house was chosen for a close by clinic. Dr. Aftab and Ms. Sarwat needed the emergency clinic to be named after their dad and mom. We set up the leading group of Al-Miraj Habib Trust Hospital or purchased medication and furniture for the clinic for two days. That house turned into a total open air medical clinic. I was flabbergasted to see the arrangement of Dr. Aftab, Ms. Sarwat and her sister's medical clinic. Truly, Dr. Aftab is a senior specialist. 

Gone through over 25 years in Saudi Arabia yet remained at home throughout the previous quite a while, no place to go, put a stethoscope around his neck, Dr. Aftab saw the patients numerous years after the fact, his face was opening with euphoria, His sisters were additionally upbeat. For the sake of Allah, they began inspecting the patients. In the first place, the quantity of patients was less however bit by bit the patients began coming. The patients had a place with the poor class. Over 80% of the patients were poor Pathan workers. From that day till today, patients are being dealt with day by day in Al-Miraj Habib Trust of Bara Kahu. 

It has additionally become a physiotherapy community, a free educational cost place for youngsters' training and a sewing community for ladies. The proper opening function of the medical clinic was hung on February 26, 2020 at the Aiwan-e-Sadr. In the Aiwan-e-Sadr, President Dr. Arif Alvi Al-Miraj Habib Trust Hospital under Customs Healthcare Society


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