` Former Indian Army Chief VP Malik ',' or '}Efforts to resolve the issue at the political and diplomatic LeveL

Former Indian Army Chief General (retd) VP Malik says he believes that efforts to resolve border tensions between China and India at the military level have failed and that the issue may now be resolved at the political and diplomatic level. ۔

In an exclusive interview with BBC Hindi's Netanyahu Srivastava, the former Indian Army chief said that the tension could last for a long time because the factors behind it are different than before and their nature is more political than technical.

It may be recalled that border tensions between India and China have recently resurfaced and clashes have taken place between the two forces at Pengong Teso in Ladakh, Galwan Valley and Demchok, while similar incidents have taken place near Sikkim in the east. Have occurred

The current border dispute is so tense that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday met the Chiefs of the three Armed Forces, the Navy and the Air Force, and National Security Adviser Ajit Pawar. Details of the meeting have not yet been released.

According to former Indian Army Chief VP Malik, before finding out the reasons for China's intervention in India's border area, it is important to know why this is happening in this particular area and why at this time.

He said there was no doubt that India had been trying to improve its infrastructure in the Line of Actual Control (LAC) area for many years but China was unhappy about it.

China also sometimes claims ownership of the area. But this route is important to us because it goes from Shirak, Daulat Beg to Karakoram Pass.

One reason might be that China has been attempting to utilize the region, which it (China) considers its own, yet we (India) think of it as a contested zone for Military purposes," he said. Bring in and China continues to try to occupy these areas from time to time.

According to the former army chief, a change in the constitutional structure of Indian-administered Kashmir could also be a factor because That was China's strategic partnership with Pakistan.

China's internal affairs and international criticism

VP Malik said that it was also necessary to see what was going on in China's internal affairs.

Against the backdrop of Corona, China is facing international criticism. Xi Jinping feels that his dream for China (China Dream) may not come true because of Covid 19. Xi Jinping has said that he will soon take back areas claimed by China, but this does not seem to be happening. Instead, China is being severely criticized.

He said that in order to respond to this criticism, not only the efficiency of the information war has been enhanced but also the military operations have been enhanced.

Asked if India's construction activities in various border areas could be the cause of the current tensions, he said India has been doing so for a long time.

The plan to carry out construction activities in the border areas was made in 2000 and has been implemented since 2012. This is not a new thing, roads and bridges have been built there (border areas) for the last several years. But it is clear that these activities are hurting China, but that is not the only reason.

Didn't India expect this military response from China

Answering to this inquiry, the previous Army Chief said that there are numerous understandings among China and India with respect to harmony in the fringe zones and at whatever point there is a contention in an outskirt zone, China and India should cooperate in the influenced region. Delegates of the military likewise hold gatherings. 

They may have chosen to show incitement in all the outskirt zones for the reasons referenced previously. In any case, there is no doubt that they have astounded us on the grounds that our powers are consistently prepared in these territories are as yet prepared. 

As per the previous armed force boss, there are harmony understandings among China and India on the fringe, however now China has begun overlooking these understandings. 

What are the purposes behind this? The Indian government needs to take a gander at it and I think they are taking a gander at it.

Could the situation be worse

Former Indian Army Chief General (retd) VP Malik says the issue may now be resolved at the political and diplomatic level.
In response to this question, VP Malik said that the current situation is different from what China has been doing in the past.

I think military efforts to resolve this issue have failed. I think this tension will go on for a long time and now maybe it will be resolved at the political and diplomatic level.

He said that till the issue is resolved, the troops on both sides of the border will remain alert and this will have to be done.

He claimed that "wherever there has been tension recently, China has been defeated and its troops have had to withdraw." But if they are still doing so, it will have a political purpose.

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