` Ertugrul (TV Series 2014–2019)
Ertugrul: Who are the main characters in Turkish drama?

The Turkish drama Ertugrul is being broadcast in Urdu in Pakistan and its characters have become a topic of conversation not only on social media but also in people's conversations.
The first episode of 'Ertugrul Ghazi' has been watched by 20 million people on YouTube in the country.
If you are a fan of this Turkish drama like many Pakistanis nowadays, you will be well acquainted with the characters of Ertugrul as well as Halima Sultan, Turgat and Seljan.
So let us introduce you today to some of the main characters.

Ertugrul Ghazi: Engen Altan Dzitn

Engin Altan Dzitan is playing the lead role of Ertugrul in "Darius Ertugrul". He was born in 1979 in the Turkish region of Izmir.
He had been interested in acting since his school days and then in 2001 he graduated from Izmir's Docks Elliott University with a degree in drama. Then in 2001 he came to Istanbul in search of work.
His first role for Turkish TV was in the drama series "Roh Sar", after which he acted in several TV dramas, including "Kocham Banam" and "Yedipo Istanbul". In 2005, he began working in films, including director Mustafa al-Toukliar's Bezanan Kadnlari.
He has acted in many films and dramas. Apart from TV dramas, he has also acted in theaters and was the director of the drama 'Dar Ayakbi Alay' performed at the Diyarbakir National Theater.
But it would not be wrong to say that Ertugrul is his most popular character.
In a 2014 interview, he said that although he liked Ertugrul's story, he had many concerns about the show because "if the stories based on history are not close to reality, his There is a danger of becoming ridiculous.
After Ertugrul, he is now playing the lead role in the drama serial 'Crime'.
In 2014, she married the genius Alcochler and has a son.

Halima Sultan: Isra Bilgich

Ertugrul's girlfriend and then wife, Isra Bilgich, was born in 1992 in Ankara.
He first received a degree in archeology from Hejtep University. She then graduated from Ankara's Balkin University with a degree in international affairs and is now studying law.
Haleema Sultan's role in Darrell Ertugrul was her first role and she gained a lot of popularity because of it.
Nahu quit working in Ertugrul in 2018 after which he got a film. Nowadays, she is playing the lead role in a crime drama called 'Ramu'.
He described Haleema Sultan's role as a difficult one and a great opportunity.
Isra Bulgich married Gokhan Toure, a footballer who played for the Turkish national football team in 2017.
However, two years later, in 2019, their relationship ended.

Torgat: Jangiz Jashkan

Jangiz Jashkin, who plays Ertugrul's closest ally in Rama, Torgat Alp, was born in 1982 in Istanbul.
He is a graduate of the Sports Academy and a professional basketball player. In 2002, she began modeling and acting.
In 2005, he starred in his first TV drama. The biggest project of his career before Darrell Ertugrul was Victory 1459.
He has also acted in the 2012 film Daag.

Seljan: Didim Balchen

And if you are also impressed by the conspiracies of Ertugrul's brother Gangodo's wife Seljan in the play, meet Didim Balchen.
He was born in 1982 in Ankara.
She graduated from Ankara University with a degree in theater and then moved to Istanbul where she worked in several film and drama series. She has also worked in theater and won many awards.
On May 9, she married her fianc John Eden.
The wedding was supposed to take place in June, but due to the corona virus epidemic, they tied the knot in a small ceremony.
They also shared the wedding ceremony with their loved ones on Zoom.

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