` Corona: Chinese Foreign Minister says 'US leadership has contracted political virus
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Jiechi has said that the US leadership has contracted a political virus that keeps forcing him to criticize China.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Jiechi has denied US charges that China spread the crown infection, saying the United States was pushing its relations with China toward the Cold War. 

Proceeding with the trading of harsh talk among China and the United States over the Corona infection and Beijing's exacting guidelines on Hong Kong, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Jiechi stated, Which shields them from censuring China. " 

The Chinese remote priest likewise offered China during a public interview on Sunday that it was prepared to co-work completely in the examination concerning the crown infection. 

Talking at a public interview during China's yearly parliamentary meeting, Wang said China had seen that some political powers in the United States were holding US-China relations prisoner and pushing the two nations toward the Cold War. Pushing

The long-running tussle between the world's two major powers over trade, human rights and various issues has intensified since the outbreak of the corona virus.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang did not name the forces he was speaking against, but reportedly in the early days of the global corona virus epidemic that has killed more than 300,000 people worldwide. But President Donald Trump has been critical of China's failure to take appropriate precautions.

President Trump and members of his administration say China tried to cover up the outbreak early last year and failed to stop it in the early days.

However, the general opinion about Washington's harsh criticism of China is that President Trump is trying to cover up his failures in dealing with such an epidemic.

He said China was ready to cooperate internationally to find the source of the corona virus, but that the investigation should be free of political interference to discredit China.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang added that some political figures in the United States are politicizing the Corona virus by naming it China so that China's name can be tarnished.

Scientists believe the corona virus was transmitted from animals to humans at a market in Wuhan, China, selling a variety of animals.

Several countries, including Australia, have called for an investigation into the outbreak of the corona virus in recent weeks. The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on China to investigate the outbreak of the corona virus, but China says it will only do so once the epidemic is under control.

The World Health Organization (WHO) member states on Tuesday adopted a resolution calling on the European Union (EU) to analyze efforts to tackle the epidemic internationally. The resolution did not blame China. This was the first 'virtual' or online meeting of the United Nations Health Organization.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the investigation should not be blamed on anyone. Despite the devastation caused by the corona virus, the political virus is spreading in the United States.

The United States and other countries have condemned China for enforcing security laws against protests in Hong Kong last Friday for democratic freedoms.

The Chinese Foreign Minister defended the decision, saying it needed to be implemented immediately. He added that violent protests against China's growing authority in Hong Kong had been going on for several months last year, endangering China's security.


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